Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Princess Ball

Here are a few pictures that Dave took at the ball last night, and a little movie. They had a WONDERFUL time. Sam keeps asking when they can go again.

And here's a little movie clip. She didn't learn the flappy arms and thigh slap from me, I swear!


Jenn said...

Oh My Goodness! How cute is she?!! I LOVE it!! Absolutely priceless!

Pammiewhammie said...

Nona you make me want to get pregnant again and have a GIRL! How absolutely SPECIAL!!!!!!!
(pssst - I have my suspicions about those flapping arms...roflol)

scrappernic said...

What a beautiful little princess!! LOVED the video--my 2 1/2 year old was mesmorized--he kept asking "Who is that girl?" Then "want to watch it again!" Must have been the flapping arms--LOL!

Amaniel said...

Awwh, I love the one of her and Dave!! Sham's expression is priceless!!