Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Superstah (think Molly Shannon - SNL)

Today was class day at the retreat, and let me tell you... I was truly in the presence of some Super-Scrappers. These ladies are fantastic and I learned so much! Props definitely also have to go to Tresa Black - the #1 Superstar - for her AMAZING workshop project she had planned for the afternoon. I'm very excited to show it off once I get pictures on this bad boy. You have to love her color sense too - I'm in awe. You can get a sneak peek by clicking on her name to see her blog.

I also got a massage today - oooOooOoh heaven. Normally I can't stand strangers touching me, but I make exceptions for massage. I found out recently that my insurance covers massage for just a $10 copay. I keep meaning to make this a monthly happening, but life gets so busy. Note to self: book massages every month for the next 6 months!

I'm coming home tomorrow! As much as I love this "me" time I really miss my hubby and baby. I always have a difficult time sleeping when away from home, and my daughter has me laughing every day with her antics. I'm so thankful for this time away but will be glad to be home with them.

Would it kill the moment to say I miss my computer too? Wink, wink. I'm one of those awful people who are addicted to email and IM. I miss blogging for real, chatting with Christine, scoping out my cyber friends' blogs, and drooling over fun new stamping goodies at my favorite shopping sites. And it's been ages since I checked my Facebook account. Pathetic, I know...

I've run out of cool artwork to share, so I'll leave you with one of my favorite family shots from last year. This was taken in July at my friend Nicole's wedding in Walla Walla. Aren't we cute? Don't look too close at my farmer's tan - we're Seattleites after all. Sun...what's that?

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Christine David said...

Well, Nona - I'm ready for you to be back and tell me all about your fun! When you have a few moments, you'll have to check out my blog and the video tutorial I completed while you were gone. :) -Christine