Monday, March 31, 2008

April Showers

I have been so stinkin' productive today that you'd think that I was the pregnant one - with full on, hormone driven, eleventh hour nesting urges...

Seriously - check out my day:

Before 11 am I'd: gotten up, fed Sam, fed myself, showered, did our finances, picked up a frame at Michaels for the baby room, picked out a color and then purchased the paint for the baby's room, went to the bank, went grocery shopping, chatted online with my friend, cleaned the kitchen, paid more bills, colored fake tatoos on Sam, read 2 books to Sam, and placed an order for more AWESOME books from Jessica's site!

Then over lunch Christine and I brainstormed about April Sales for CTMH. I needed something easy but SPECTACULAR, since I probably won't be bringing in much buisness once our baby boy arrives. So.... I decided on an "April Showers" event. I want to "shower" my customer with a great special - and with my mind so wrapped up in our adoption, of course it had to focus on BABIES!!!

I whipped up these cute little albums to sell as kits for my customers! Aren't they adorable?! I think they'll make great baby shower gifts, or grandma or momma brag books. I'm going to sell the kits for $12, or $6 with a $50 order, or FREE with a $100 order! What do you think? If you look closely, you'll see a sneak peek at the July SOTM - "It's a Jungle". I think it's my favorite stamp set that CTMH has ever done!

the boy kit:
the girl kit:

Alrighty... off to write my April newsletter! If you don't get it yet, there's a sign up box in the upper left side of my blog!


Alyssa Walters said...

Nona, those albums are darling!!! I'm sure you'll have lots of customers who are thrilled with them! And way to go today, Ms. Productivity! It's a great feeling when you can accomplish so much in a day!

Adriane said...

I love these!!! I saw them on the CTMH BB and decided to check out your blog - VERY NICE - congrats on the new arrival... I hope to make one of these but don't have the solos, so will need to think of something else to us :) Thanks for the inspiration!

scrappernic said...

Those are so darn cute! I love how you used that stamp set! I'm definitely going to have to make something like this to share for SOTM artwork to sell these babies! Too much fun :)

Tickle Me Pink said...

These are too adorable!! I love how you used this stamp set! The colors are perfect too! I've given you an award on my blog. When you get a chance you can visit to see the details.

Stephanie said...

beautiful, Nona, I just had to say. These are clean, elegant, and fresh.