Saturday, August 9, 2008

A "winning" shot

So even though this is a TERRIBLE picture of me, I thought it would be fun to post. It was an incredible moment and super exciting. I only wish that my family and "non-CTMH" friends could have been there. =)

And don't worry - I've had some time to play and will be posting new artwork soon! Just have to get through card class Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!


Adriane said...

Nona - I just wanted to say that your album was so beautiful!!! In more ways than one :) I love reading your blog and hearing your stories... thank you for sharing your life with us - thats why scrapbooking is so great!!! God bless.

Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of you!!! I only know you from the CTMH BB but I feel like a know you like a real friend. This honor was SO deserved - and the moment also deserved the tears and emotion that was captured in the photo. I'm glad you were strong enough to post it, you have given so much to people and this post is another example of how much you open your heart to let the world in.

I honor the light inside you.

Stacy said...

Still so happy for your win! :-)

Sankari W. said...

Congratulations Nona on being recognized for this amazing album that you have created. I was just blown away looking through all the pages of your album - my heart was melting and aching ...

The beauty of your story was captured by the beauty of your book - it is an honor to read your story and to see your beautiful and amazing pictures.

What an amazing journey - you are amazing Nona.

Sending you much love from Iowa,

sharalyns said...

Oh sweetie--that is a genuine emotion to a wonderful honor. I'm *so* proud of you and how you have handled everything. We love you guys!

Tracy said...

I just read in Keynotes where you had won at Convention—CONGRATS! I searched for your blog (as I have it bookmarked!) and found your beautiful album. I am full of so many emotions right now. God too gave us a beautiful daughter (through IVF), and no other hope for another without another round IVF (we did another with no success). So many have asked when we are having another, and on so many occasions I’ve said that God would have to make it very clear to me to have another! As I was reading the journaling from your album, I completely understood your saying, make it abundantly clear! God is amazing at what HE does with our lives! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing artwork, but mostly for being so open and sharing your Christianity in your work. In Christ, Tracy Hill, CTMH Consultant (as a hobby!), Perkins, OK