Thursday, October 9, 2008


That was the incredibly loud noise I heard yesterday morning. I looked out my front window to find a car angled toward our house, the front end not visible. I managed to keep my cool even though my mind was racing - what if they hit our HOUSE???

At first I was worried that the people were trying to leave the scene, since they backed out really fast, but then I recognized them as our next door neighbors. I raced outside to make sure everyone was okay, and to check out the damage. PRAISE THE LORD that no one was hurt, and they only managed to get our fence - not the house. It turns out that the wife was "practising her driving". She must have hit the gas instead of the break, but sheesh! Do you know what kind of force it takes to split a 4"x4" post??

In speaking with the neighbors about what to do, we found out that the husband builds fences for a living. He's going to fix it for us today and everything will be okay.

I'm glad things will work out, and I'm incredibly thankful that they didn't hit our house. Now how do we politely request that the wife practise her driving in an empty parking lot???


Meagan said...

WOW! Oh my!! I am SO glad that no one was hurt and that it didn't hit the house. Eeeek!!!

Katie said...

Yeeshk! I'm glad everyone was ok. At least they didn't hit the house! Yea, I think a parking lot would be much safer for her to practice EMPTY paking lot! hehe


Barb W said...

Well my goodness! Thankfully no one was harmed and there was no major property damage! The parking lot sounds like a VERY good idea!

sharalyns said...

Holy cow. That's insane. I'm so glad that it wasn't your house.

Lindz said...

Oh my! That was a close call! Too close.

April said...

Oh my gosh, that is CRAZY. So glad it will turn out, ok. Eeee, good luck on broaching the parking lot idea. Yikes!