Thursday, October 23, 2008

Need Christmas Ideas?

Yes, it's a bit early yet to really start thinking about Christmas shopping, but there's got to be a few of you out there that are just like me - and want it all DONE before Thanksgiving.

If that is the case, please visit my friend Wendi's etsy store Hydrangea Designs. Her handmade jewelry is simply divine. She's got an amazing eye for color, and detail, and fashion - and I know you're going to love her work. So please check it out and buy something for a loved one or yourself! =)

Best of all, my dear, sweet, friend Wendi has offered to share a percentage of her sales with us for our adoption fund. So you'd not only be helping Wendy, but also us! Isn't that so special??? If you do purchase something from Wendy, please message me here 0r send me an email (, and I'll also send you a lovely handmade thank you card to show my appreciation.

Here is a closer look at some of the pieces she has available.


De said...

Ewww, she has such beautiful things, I want them all! I also want one of your mobi(? plural for mobius!). On my want list but budget is soooo tight. I will be back tho! Good luck.

Katie said...

She does beautiful work! I'll have to go check her out! :)

Have a great day!