Sunday, October 12, 2008

Noah's Ark

Getting a Junior Higher to talk about their day at school is like pulling teeth (I've been told), and it's no different for pre-schoolers. I've discovered that it's best just to have quiet in the car on the way home from school, and let Sam come to me with stories of her day when she's ready.

Tonight we were snuggling on the couch and she shared with me what they learned in chapel last Thursday...

Sammie: "We heard a story about Noah and his boat. That's called an ark."
Mommy: "Oh really? What did you learn?"
S: "I dunno."
M: "Who was on the ark?"
S: "Noah."
M: "Anyone else?"
S: "LOTS of animals."
M: "Do you know how many?"
S: "Umm... like lots and lots. Like 20!"
M: "Can you name them?"
S: "No. There was lots and lots. Like a lion [GROWL], and a tiger [GRRR], a kitty cat."
M: "That's just three. I thought you said 20!"
S: "Umm.. no, just those!"
M: "So why was Noah on the ark with these animals?
S: "He was driving them around."
M: "Where was he going?"
S: "Just around. Like around his neighborhood."
M: "How long was Noah and the animals on the ark?"
S: "A LONG time!"
M: "How long?"
S: "Like years and years. Six years.... and seven minutes."

Good to know she was paying attention in Chapel right? =) Looks like we have a little revisionist history to correct.

This one is definitely going in her scrapbook. I can't wait to hear what she learns about the 10 plagues of Egypt, and Moses parting the Red Sea.

(I took this shot a few weeks ago when Sammie, my mom and I met up with my Grandma Lilo in Leavenworth, WA. Sam had just discovered the bouncey house.)


Katie said...

This was such a fun little story to start my day off with! I love it when my children tell me what they learned in Sunday school! They always get the point of the story but the rest of the details are always a bit fuzzy. I know that eventually they'll get it but it sure is fun to hear the story evolve! haha! Thanks for sharing Nona!!

Katie snowed here on Friday! Can you believe that I got my scarf just in time!! LOL It is just perfect!

Barb W said...

Such a cute share, Nona. Your little darling, is such a sweetie. You are going to be so glad you're keeping a record of her stories and comments. I kept a little notebook called, 'Conversations with Victoria' while my oldest daughter, now 17 and in college, was a little girl. We love to pull that out and read some of the things she thought and said when she 3 or 5 or 7. I love re-living those times with her. I smile. She laughs and says she can't believe she was 'such a dork'.

Memories...gotta love 'em!

Jena said...

Too cute - don't you just love saving moments like that! She is such a doll and you will treasure reading this 20 years down the road - can't wait to see the page you do for it!

Kariberry said...

What an adorable picture of your daughter! Keeping your conversations with her is so Precious! TFS

Naomimade said...

Oh Nona, how sweet! That reminds me of my baby.. who just graduated last May.. when she was 2-3..can't remember exactly how old.. she asked me one night..
"Mommy, does Jesus have a phone number?" ha ha!
"No, baby,.. we can just talk to Him any time... and He always hears us"
"does Jesus have a bed-time?"
"nope... He is always awake and watching us!"
"Oh.. then I guess he doesn't have to brush his teeth"

ha ha!!! I was wondering what those questions were leading too! ha ha!