Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's Samism

Samantha is at that age now where she says the funniest things! I worry if I don't write them down, I'm going to forget them. Actually - I don't even worry about it anymore, I just KNOW I'll forget them.

So I think I'll start a segment on my blog just for Samisms. It will be as much for your enjoyment as it is for my poor, sad, tired brain. =)

Today's quips came after Sam was in bed. I had friends over to scrapbook, so Dave did the bedtime routine without me. I ran upstairs for something, and Sam heard me and called me in for a quick hug and kiss.

Me: "Sammie are you going to come snuggle with me tomorrow morning?"
Sammie: "No...."
M: "Pleeeeease? I sure love it when you come and snuggle me."
S: "No, I can't. I have a LOT of work to do." (lately, she's been coloring and calling it her paperwork).
M: "Can't you just come in for a few minutes?"
S: "Well... I can't, because I'm going to get up at 7 and I don't want to miss any of Sesame Street!"
M: "Oh... (pouting). That makes me so sad!"
S: "I suppose I could come in for three minutes. But that's all!"

This is probably one of those moments that you just had to be there, but it was just hysterical! She said it so matter-of-factly - "I have paperwork". Too cute.


We are the Moses tribe. said...

I think it is very important as mothers that we write these things down because we will forget them. How fun it will be to read them later and when Sam gets older. I look forward to your Samisms.

Katie said...

Too cute!! I'm glad your starting the "Samisms" portion of your blog because I'm looking forward to reading it! Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

That's sooo cute! I can't wait until Autumn can talk - I'm sure she'll have some interesting things to say, too! Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Hahaha! I love it! I need to write down more too. Hugs,


Sankari W. said...

love your new segment on Sami-isms!!! that is so cute that she said paperwork and would come in for 3 minutes....!!

i know what you mean about forgetting to write things down and how easy it is to forget these precious moments!

thanks for the inspiration - i think i might have to start this too!