Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Weekend

Hi Everyone,

No time for crafting yesterday or today.

Last night was Dave's Office Christmas party. It was a James Bond/Casino Royale theme which wasn't very Christmasy, but still lots of fun. We each got $30,000 in chips to gamble with, and Dave and I played Blackjack most of the night. We both went up and down with winning, but when we ultimately lost it was nice to know it wasn't real cash. =)

Today I had my second craft fair. Didn't do quite as well as the first one, but I did better than last year at the same venue. Yay! So I have another $500 to put toward our adoption. That feels amazing, let me tell you!

Tomorrow and Monday I'm teaching "quick and easy" Christmas card workshops, but I should be able to do a little crafting in the evenings. If it happens, I'll post pics. Otherwise I'll resume Card a Day on Tuesday.

Also, GREAT NEWS for those of you who loved the hat I knit for Sammie. I found the perfect yarn and will be knitting up several to sell in my etsy store. I'll be sure and let everyone know here when they are up in the store. I'll also be adding my bears to etsy tomorrow. 4 of them sold at various craft shows, but I still have 3 left, and the yarn to knit more too. =) Mr. Snake is still up for sale too if anyone wants him - $45 and that includes shipping!

With that I'm headed for the couch. My whole body hurts and I'm ready to veg. Hasta Manana!


De said...

Congrats on the money from the craft fair! That is amazing! I so want a hat and scarf... soon!

Katie said...

Congratulations on all the money you've been able to raise toward your adoption! I have feeling I'm going to go broke buying stuff off of your Etsy site!!

Paper Princess said...

I saw your you tube video for the kissing technique and you had the cup of frienship and a die cut for the tea pot. My friend is doing a ladies tea in the spring and I would like to know if you could help me recreate the name tags?
My e-mail is
Thank you for all your inspiring ideas.