Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christine and Me

Christine and I met several years ago at a CTMH unit meeting. We'd been emailing back and forth, but something just clicked between us when we met. It was one of those instant connections where you feel comfortable with someone, and you can share anything with them. It was like I had known her all my life!

Through the past few years, we've shared incredible moments of triumph, celebration, and crushing hurts (not caused by each other thankfully). But one thing has stayed the same - our close bond. I'm so thankful to have Christine in my life AND get to call her my best friend. I know that God brought us together, because she came into my life when I badly needed a friend. I hope that we are friends forever!

One of the funny things about us is that we regularly express the same thought at the same time. We do most of our talking through IM (phone calls are difficult with young children), and we may both be away from our computers for hours, but suddenly I'll feel like I want to say something to Christine, and she will IM me at that exact same moment. It's like this when we are in person too. Anyway - as I was working on this layout and getting it ready to post, I went over to her blog and wouldn't you know - she'd posted this same picture! LOL - we really are on the same wavelength.

This picture was taken at the Album Retreat last week. It was such a great pic, I knew I had to scrap it immediately! (the kit is from Jessica Sprague's NWR class - a kit called Carnival).


Clearly Inspired said...

Nona, this is a great layout! Aren't ya just loving that class? I am! You are already a pro at the digi stuff too! That doesn't surprise me, since your traditional layouts are always so wonderful and inspiring!

Looks like you had fun at the retreat. Congrats on winning the contest!

Lori said...

It was so nice meeting you and your BFF at the Retreat. What a blessing it is to have a friend like that.

Shannon Buck said...

*smacks her forehead* Why didn't we get a picture when we saw each other at the retreat? I'm so bummed now!! :(