Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Digi Cards

A very dear friend at my church recently asked if I would design and make 125 Thank You cards to give to the ladies involved in our Tabitha Ministry. (We bring meals and do light housework for the home bound members of our church.) She wanted the specific quote shown, and wanted them to have a "Valentine" feel - though they aren't actually valentines.

As much as I would have loved to sat and made each of these cards by hand, time and funds are scarce. Soooooo.... I sat down today with PSE and whipped up these babies. I used the Carousel paper kit from the Shabby Shoppe along with a few digital brushes from Jessica Sprague's class. I will be printing them out in 4x5.25 and then mounting onto white 4.25x5.5 card bases.

I'm so happy with how they turned out! Not bad for still being a photoshop beginner, eh?

ps... I loved the music notes accents especially because my friend is the worship pastor's wife. :)


Christine David said...

Very, very cute! Love the stitching on the last one.

Barb W said...

BRAVO Nona! You've got it now! These cards are so pretty! You have definitely been bitten by the Digi bug! You will love how your cards look once they are printed and they go together so quickly and easily. Thanks for sharing these. Keep up the great work!

Kelly said...

Fabulous digi cards Nona...I wouldn't even know wher to begin with photoshop, so these look awesome!!

Katie said...

You're on my daily read girl! Always look forward to reading your thoughts and especially looking at all of your artwork whether it be paper or yarn! Looks like plenty of other people agree with me! You're amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!


mE said...

These are FaBuLoUs, Nona! :) Aren't you just having loads of fun with Photoshop??? So addicting :)

INky Smiles!

PS... You've been awarded a Kreativ Blogger Award... check my blog. :)