Friday, January 9, 2009

I <3 Color

I had a custom moebius order last week, and the customer wanted BRIGHT, bold colors for her three scarves. It's hard to tell in this picture, but this first one is a lovely lime green and aqua turquoise blue. The lighting makes it look more green than blue. (You can see the true color in the background of the next picture)

This one was for her daughter: hot pink, tangerine, and little flecks of colored dots in yellow, turquoise and green.

This one was for her friend. I used my normal black yarn, and paired it with a decorative yarn with pink baubles (in various shades of pink).
Don'tcha just love color? It was a great knitting project to start out the year.
Speaking of knitting, I'm going to start a counter on the side of my blog for number of knitted projects I complete this year. I have a goal of 100! That's a project completed every 3-4 days!
Just for fun I'll post my creation stats from last year too. Wanna play along? Just keep track of the number of projects you complete this year. Include cards, scrapbook pages, digi pages, knitted/crocheted items, etc (anything you like). If you are so inclined, also include your GOAL for the year. Then post here so we can encourage each other in meeting our goals. (A Crafters New Year's Resolution of sorts.)


Jenn said...

I'll take your challenge! I'm excited to see what I can create this year.

You amaze me with the speed you're able to get those knitting projects out Lady! And they're always so beautiful!

Can't wait to see some more!

Sparkle said...

What fun colors! I'm not a good I'll have to pass, but I know you'll reach your goal! :)

Heather said...

Wow, Nona. I just looked at your stats from last year! You must be Wonder Woman! You are amazing! And your work is always so first class! Congratultions on a great crafty 2008! Here's to a great 2009! Thanks for your constant inpiration!!! :-)

sharalyns said...

I'll take your challenge! This fits into my New Year's Resolution of finishing projects that have been hanging over my head for more than a year!

I probably should actually start a blog on here so that I can keep track...

Woogy said...

I just love your blog! I don't knit but crochet. I'm currently make baby blankets for friends and family that are expecting, but I want to make waffle headbands... the only problem is that I can't find a patter from the waffle crochet headband. ICK! I'll take your challenge! It's great to set a goal to actually finishing projects... especially when they are 4 years due. lol

Jeanne said...

Ohhhh...I meant to comment on these earlier. LOVE the colors!!! They are so bright and fun. You do an amazing job on these.

I still cannot get over how many projects you are able to attempt and complete!

I'm trying my hand at the Lotus Blossom hat right now...wish me luck!

nonapearl said...

Thanks Jeanne,

I highly recommend a gague swatch on that one. ACK... Can't tell you how many times I had to rip out and start over the hat I made for my SIL.

Good luck!

Anam_Kihaku said...

they rock - i cannot wait to get them :)

thank you - you are awesome!!