Monday, February 2, 2009

Funky Big Nose

This morning Sammie was showing me a drawing she had made of our family.

(Also included in the drawing are Daddy, Sammie, Sean and Donson -her babies, and Overis -her husband. Don't ask!)

S: "That one is you mom, the one with the funky, big nose. I drew it really big and funky, see?!"
M: "Why did you draw a funky, big nose on me?"
S: "Because I just did!"
M: "Do I have a funky, big nose?"
S: "Yup!"

So there you have it folks... According to four year olds, I aparently have a funky, big nose. (funny, because I always thought it was my HAIR that was funky and big. LOL). I guess you can be the judge...


Lisa said...

Lol Nona,
that is great!

Heather said...

too funny. I love what comes out of the mouths of babes!! thanks for making me smile!!!

Regina said...

Our children have a way of making us feel beautiful, don't they?!

Barb W said...

LOL! LOL! Sammie is a crack-up! And Nona, I hope you know there is nothing funky or big about your nose. You just gotta love kids, though! LOL!

Michelle Nist said...

You are so funny, Nona, I love this entry...Just another reminder about kids, right? Peck, peck, peck!