Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jessica Sprague - Assignment 3

I just finished the Week 3 Assignment in my "Now We're Rocking" class by Jessica Sprague. It's got a lot going on - and is probably "busier" than any layout I would do on my own, but I loved learning all the techniques that go into it. You can click the photo to see a larger image.

I think the coolest things we learned had to be blending a photo with soft light to the background, and using a mask to change the color of the red elements (they were black but we masked with red patterned paper). Too cool!

Now if only I could find some time to work on my project 365 layouts. But I've been taking the pics at least!


Clearly Inspired said...

Hey, Nona! I wish I was keeping up with my digi class like you are. I have not finished this layout yet.

Love your layout! The filmstrip is great and so is your tradition!

Barb W said...

I love the 'love' in this layout. It's absolutely tangible. Such a sweet memory...super layout!