Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentine

Tomorrow Dave and I will celebrate our 10th Valentine's day as a couple! Way back in 1999 he was studying up at Western (WWU) and I was still a wee bairn - a Junior in high school.

I sent him a care package full of candy, chocolate, and a sweet little red teddy bear he named Fuzzy. I think he just gave me a card, but that's okay because he was poor. That was around the same time he started bumming rides home from his friends, and selling his textbooks to buy greyhound tickets to come visit me on the weekends. Ahhh young love. ;)

I remember he came home that weekend, and we had an amazing few days together. It was so hard to see him go back to school, knowing it would be several weeks before I'd see him again.

This valentine's day is a quite different from the one 10 years ago. Now we're an "old" married couple, we have a mortgage, a preschooler, and all the responsibilty of being a grown up. But the spark is still there even after all this time. Dave has planned some kind of outing (it's a surprise) - and overnight babysitting for Sammie! WOOOHOO!

I treated him to something a little different this year. Today I took him down to Renton to get Lasik Eye Surgery. It was a little bit out of the budget, but I've been very blessed lately with my CTMH sales, and had enough to pay what our insurance didn't cover. I'm so excited for my hubby to be able to see clearly, without glasses, for the first time in his life! Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart!

I'd love to hear your valentine stories! Feel free to post in the comments section. Or display a link to the card you made for your sweetheart!

Dave is sleeping now, recovering from the procedure, so I had time to whip up this cute card. The lion swivels back and forth. For a tutorial on how to do this click here to go to Tresa Black's blog.

Supplies: CTMH - Life's a Jungle stamps, Safari paper, Black ink, Buttercup and Autumn Terracotta CS, Safari stickers
Markers - copic
Dies - nestabilities circles
Other - Scotch 3d foam tape, Misc. foam circle, penny


Angela said...

My husband and I took our three boys out last night for dinner to a Greek restaurant in town. They loved it, with all the fire torches, dancing wait staff, OPA!
Anyway, here is my card I made my husband:
(I hope I did that right)
Thanks for sharing all your creative genius!

Jeanne said...

Sweet story! Thanks for sharing.

I hope the procedure was successful. I'm too nervous to have anyone mess with my eyes, so I think he is very brave to go through with it.

You card is adorable!! Enjoy your surprise outing...looking forward to hearing about it. *Ü*

p-inks said...

HAPPY VALENTINES Nona..... I am sure Dave's surprize for you will be as special as the gift you've given him this year.
This Valentines will mark the 18th for hubby and I. Several years ago we were so broke he couldn't afford to give me anything for Valentines, payday was the 15th that year. So on the 15th he came home with a heart shaped box of candy and flowers from his favorite road side stand. I joked that he just waited until the 15th so everything would be half priced! It has become our tradition to celebrate on the 15th each year (and yes the chocolates usually go on sale that day! LOL)
This year our gift to each other will be somewhat different as well - today we will put the final offer in on a HOUSE for our family!!!!! It's been a long time coming.
I am almost positive there won't be any half price sales on it today! LOL