Friday, March 13, 2009

Fingerless Glovies

I actually finished these fingerless "gauntlet" style gloves in February - but am just getting around to posting them. :) The pattern is called Feather and Fan Flower Market Gloves and it is by Dolce Handknits. The photos really don't do these gloves justice. They are so scrumptiously wonderful! As you can see, they hit at about mid arm - 5 or 6" above the wrist.

The yarn is the same as I used for my Mable Scarf - it's Blue Moon Twisted yarn in the colorway "Rolling Stone". I just love it! When I put it up to my clothes it matches EVERYTHING! Which means I can wear my scarf and gloves everyday! YAY!

You can see the feather and fan pattern a little better on this one:

So I had just a smidgen of yarn left over and decided to make some fingerless gloves for my li'l pumpkin. I made the pattern for these beauties up myself, although I have some tweaking I'd like to do on them. I think these will be my next project for etsy - kid sized fingerless gloves. :) I have a new batch of Blue Moon yarn coming in today or tomorrow, so I'll start on these as soon as it arrives.

The fronts of the gloves have a ribbed pattern (this makes them stretchy)
The palm sides are just stockinette.

Sammie loves her gloves, but she does not love posing for pictures. :) I have to try to catch her unawares. But, aren't those always the best shots anyway?


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors in the yarn you used and the fact that is goes with everything is an added bonus.

Even if she doesn't like her photo taken, she sure is a cute model!

Well done, Nona!

Barb W said...

LOVE these, Nona! The colors in your yarn are great.

Your photography skills are amazing! Sammie is such a cutie!