Friday, March 20, 2009

Finished Baby Leg Warmers - and a Challenge!

I finished the leg warmers in time! Our friends came over for dinner Wed evening, and we tried the leg warmers on Baby Sebastian. They fit great - and there's room to grow! YIPPEE!!!

I gave Sebastian his own pair for being such a great model for me. :) He is such a camera ham! His face just lit up when I started shooting. (I gave the face pics to his mama and papa).

These little leggies are going to be up for sale in my etsy shop soon - and available for purchase here too. They will be $22 for the 0 -12 months size (as shown - little S is nearthe middle of that age range) and $26 for the 12-18 months size. Shipping is extra. Email me if you are interested in purchasing a pair and we can discuss color and shipping options. (As always, all proceeds go to our adoption fund!)

For those wondering WHY a baby would need leg warmers there are several reasons... They keep baby's legs warm during diaper changes (perfect for babies who hate being naked), they protect the knees in the crawling stages, and they are Oh So Cute!

my fave shot of the day:

So now that you've seen them, here's the challenge: I need a cute name for my leg warmers! Post a comment with your ideas for a name. The one I select will get a pair of baby leg warmers in the 0 -12 months size FREE (you can even pick the color from my available yarn stash).


Meagan said...

I like "jambes" -- it's French for "legs"!

Ladylyd said...

Roley Poley Mitts. _ Lyd.

Deb-Close to my Heart Consultant said...


Regina said...

Little Leg Keepers. Itsy Bitsy Leg sleves. Kickin and crawlin leg warmers.

Heather said...

Leg Coozies, Knitted Knee Cushions. Too cute!

Ladylyd said...

Cozy Kickers.

debby421 said...

beenwarmer (Dutch for leg warmer)
I like that - Been warmer? Love the leg warmers.

Jane ... said...

Toasty Legs...
Cushie Legs...
Stitches under Britches...(SUBS?)
Whatever you choose, they're just adorable!

The Peterson Family said...

I can't believe someone hasn't suggested Chubbie Wubbies.
Chubbie is obviously - I love my little one's chubbies, and Wubbie - like a lovie.... I'm hope I'm not the only one that that makes sense to!
They are completely adorable.

b said...

How about "baby my thighs"
I just love chubby baby thighs, and these legwarmers are super cute!! Love your blog.

Missy Hep said...

I love the warmers, but that last pic!! What a sweetie!!!!

Missy Hep said...

I vote for Chubbie Wubbies!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Does the baby come with them (LOL) SOOO cute! Thanks for the inspiration here is a gift for you :D

Michelle said...

Adorable litte leg warmers! And what a cute baby! As always, you never disappoint when I visit your blog!
My suggestions for a name would be... wee wittle warmers, bug-a-boo warmers, or chunky monkey warmers. (My nephew's nickname is chunky monkey!)
Anyway... enjoy your weekend!
Michelle (CTMH)

Jane Turner said...

How about "Sweetie Pie Thigh High"- leg warmers?
Makes me want to adopt again just to use the leg warmers.
Jane T.

Sharli said...


I LOVE your baby leg warmers! That little guy has such an adorable expression! You really have a gift for photography, too.

I'll keep trying to think of a name - but you've got a boat-load of good ideas already!


Heather said...

So many great names!! :) I vote for Stitches Under Britches, Chubbie Wubbies, or Sweetie Pie Thigh Highs.

Yeah, that baby is cute alright... anyone want to borrow him at 2am?? LOL. Yup, he's mine. :)

Katie Paterson said...

These are too cute! Nona you are so talented!

Jena said...

Those are TOO cute! I can't think of a fun name right now as this cold has drained all creativity, but I love what has been suggested! Good luck picking from all these fun ideas!

Melanie said...

How about:

Chubb Huggers

Li'l Leggers

Pudge Protectors

Roll ups


Hmm... my sister loves leg warmers and is adopting a little ethiopian girl and what fun that would be to get a mini pair! Hope my ideas are tops!
Either way, I'll refer her to your web site!

Michelle said...

I don't think I saw these on the list:

Cozy little leg huggers
Warm and cozy leg huggers
Hug My Legs Leg Warmers

Hope I win. Thanks for the contest.


Nancy Ball said...

Those are just the cutest, Nona, wish I had some when my three were babies!

The first thing I thought of was "Wiggly Warmers". You have got some great choices!

Alanna said...

You are so talented Nona. These leg warmers are sooo cute.

I really can't think of anything too clever. How about

Cover my legs
Toasty legs

Jamey said...

too cute! Once I know if I need pink or blue, I will have to talk with you about ordering some! :) Love the name too!