Friday, March 6, 2009

My Class at C.U.

This is part of the class that I taught at Creative University. My topic was on interactive scrapbooking - or pages that move.

Both layouts have elements that move. The left page has a 3 pocket picture pull out (say that three times fast!) that reveals 5 photos. The right page has two photo pockets that fold up to reveal 4 more photos.

When you pull the photo out from under the chipboard arrow, several more photos are revealed!

This is the back side. So you see 3 photos on the front and 2 more on the back.

This is the right hand page.

When you lift up the 2 front photos, four more photos are revealed!


sue said...

How to you keep the pages in the page protectors? Do you cut the page protectors? I guess what I'm really asking is are you willing to sell your instructions?

Katie said...

Just beautiful!

nonapearl said...

:) Sue, what a great idea! I'll try to put something together soon.

itsabrt said...

Awesome as always! BR-T

Rachel said...

This are fabulous! Very clever, useful, and well composed. Nice job, CTMH sister!

Barb W said...

WOW! Beautiful layouts! This is a great class and what a wonderful idea for getting more photos on a page without a lot of visual clutter. Genius! TFS