Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sam Gets Creative

"Hey mom - look at my hands!"

Don't worry! It's not what you think. My sweet angel didn't get into my paints without permission, and my scraproom isn't destroyed. :)

Last week Sammie had a playdate with a preschool friend. Their house was filled with incredible artwork everywhere - really fun, funky, ecclectic beatiful stuff - and come to find out the mom and grandma of Sammie's friend did most of it! So already I know they are an artsy family.

One piece was obviously done by Sammie's friend, Eliana - a giant 4'x4' canvas that hung over their fireplace. I asked them about it and her mom told me that starting when Eliana was 2 they gave her paint and let her do whatever she wanted with the canvas. They hung it up, and then every few months they take it down and let her add to it, or even paint over entire sections. Eliana is now almost 4, so it has evolved quite a bit over the years, but it is still fabulous.

Of course I just happened to have a few canvases laying around in my art studio. So this weekend we let Sammie do one for herself. She had a BLAST. She painted for close to two hours! (That's a long time to keep to one project for a 4 year old!). Now her picture is over our fireplace and I love looking at it. We also plan to let her add to it every few months, so I'll be sure to update pictures here as it changes.

For those with young kids - this is an awesome project to do on a rainy day. Just be prepared for the kids to get a little messy! :)


p-inks said...

That's cool Nona....
doesn't have to be just a girl thing tho' - my younger son (and probably my older one too....lol) would love a project like this! hmmmmmm maybe you're on to something!

Jeanne said...

What a terrific idea! Not only for the artistic expression but the pride of having one's work proudly displayed.

Can't wait to see its progression!

PS...the verification "word" for my comments is preart....how fitting!

Barb W said...

This is great!

Stampin n da Hood said...

how stankin sweet!
don't forget to have her sign it!
and oh oh...the scrap layout, too!

HaleyD said...