Monday, May 25, 2009

Another brag on my hubby...

I feel that our hubbies don't often get bragged on enough (and more often get "nagged" on). So here's a big shout out to my sweet guy Dave. I'd been wanting to hang my uppercase living sign for a long time, and he made time the other day to put it up for me.

We live in a split level home, so as you come in the front door you have to go up a half flight of stairs to the main living space, or down a half flight to the scrap studio. He hung it just above the stairwell leading down to the scrap studio. It looks awesome too! Thanks honey!

BTW - if you need an uppercase living consultant, my friend Christine is just the person you are looking for!


Marie said...

Hurray for brag-worthy hubbies...I have one of those myself :-). I'm not familiar with uppercase living so I'll have to go check out Christine's site...thanks for sharing!
Marie with a :-)

Anonymous said...

ooohhh I love Uppercase Living!