Thursday, June 4, 2009

Robot Cards

I had some time to play the other night and made up these 2 robot cards. They both use the Tinkerin' papers from the Summer CTMH Idea Book. Also, I finally found a few fun ways to use spiral clips - my arch nemesis of embellishments. ;)

This first card also features the "Gear Up" stamps, and a sticker from the Tinkerin' My Stickease. The tiny happy birthday stamp comes from the Bella stamp "Daydreamabella" and was an unfortunate afterthought. Don't you hate when you mess up a card like that. Then you rummage through your stash searching for the perfect "cover up". Oh well... the sticker makes up for it.

On this card I used one of my new stamps from stamping bella also - Cakey Watt. Unfortunaetly my little cakeywatt has issues. This is what he was supposed to look like. You'll have to scroll down a few lines to see him. I contacted the creators and they are sending me a new one. He's still cute, but just not AS cute. ;)

Wow...sorry if this post sounded like I was complaining. It's been 90 degrees here for the past 3 days, and I'm just crabby. Bah!


Sharli said...

90 degrees? Wow, that's pretty warm for your part of the world! Don't worry - you didn't sound crabby. Sometimes there are "issues" with stamps - it happens. It's ok. I'm sure the company stands behind their stamps.

Your robots are amazing! LOVE the cards and I thought I wouldn't like Tinkering! Thanks for changing my mind!

Melissa Laverty said...

Love the spirals & brads. I forget to do that! Good way to use that last WOTG stickease. I loved the Tinkerin workshop!

Jenn said...

These are so cute! And I love how you used the spiral clips, they look perfect. I never could figure out how to use those things.

Isn't this weather crazy?! Our thermometer hit 101 yesterday! Yikes!

AaronB said...

I must be blind, because I didn't see the difference on you robot! Looks cute to me. And what a great idea for the spirals!

Melanie and family said...

I love these cards! Good job! I hope you don't mind if I link to them from my blog.

How are you guys going? We're so excited for you! Let me know if someone is organizing meals for you. I want to be on the list!