Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anniversary Get-Away

A few months ago, my sweet hubby surprised me by buying a romantic get-away at our church auction. We decided that this weekend would be the perfect time to take our trip, since we last Wednesday was our 9th wedding anniversary.

He whisked me away to Langley on Friday afternoon and we spent an amazing day just relaxing. We stayed at The Inn at Langley - and it was FABULOUS! Here are a few pictures of the hotel and our room:

Later in the evening, Dave took me to the Inn's gourmet restaurant for dinner with Chef Matt Costello. He's been "extraordinary" by Zagat for the past 4 years in a row! We had a six course dinner that was absolutely amazing. I've never experienced anything like it before. Every dish was not only delicious, but beautiful.

Here was our menu (pictures go from left to right, top to bottom). I apologize for the lighting on the last two pictures. It got dark as we ate and we were using Dave's phone for the photos. :)

Amuse Bousche: Bing Cherry filled with duck liver mousseline and liquorice

Seafood: Steamed Alaskan Halibut with sea beans, sesame, and clams

Appetizer: Kobe beef tenderloin cured as gravlox with peas, chocolate mint and toasted cocoa bean

Intermezzo (not pictured): Sparkling Merlot verjus

Entree: Cardamom dusted squab with beets, berries and green garlic

Cheese: Whipped Mt. Townsend camambert with rhubarb and roses

Dessert: Coconut and raspberry mousse with gold leaf and lemon grass cream.

Doesn't that sound fabulous? We had such a wonderful time the whole weekend, and were a little sad to just get to stay one night. It was so special that Dave and I decided that we are definitely going to have to go back for our 10th Anniversary. (We'll just have to start saving now!)


Jeanne said...

What a wonderful surprise! It sounds heavenly. Happy belated Anniversary. Hope you are able to go again to enjoy it all over again!

HaleyD said...

What a wonderful weekend! Happy anniversary. (We celebrated our 14th on Wed.)

Alanna said...

It looks like a great place. And your food looks very yummy. I'm glad you all were able to get away, if even just for 1 night.

Melissa Laverty said...

Sounds like just what y'all needed. How yummy!

Barb said...

How romantic! I love the sunset photo you shared. And of course the food photos are delcious. Good for you two...taking some time alone.