Friday, July 3, 2009

Card Sale & a bonus gift from me!

Lately, I've been cleaning out my craft closets and I'm up to my ears in cards! Birthday cards, thank you cards, thinking of you cards, christmas cards, scripture cards, just because cards... and on and on. I need to clear these out - and now that we are officially "waiting" again for a birth mom to pick us we are back in adoption fund raiser mode as well.

Soooooo...THIS WEEKEND ONLY I'm having a fun little sale! Purchase a card from me and receive any one of my 4 featured workshop PDF templates FREE of charge!

Each card has been handmade by me, and has at least 3 layers of paper and 2 embellishments (this could be ribbon, sparkles, glitter, brads, etc.). They are the same high quality caliber of work that you see on my blog every day. They are packaged with an envelope in a protective clear bag, and will be mailed first class (postage is included).

Cards are $6 each, and 100% of proceeds go to our adoption fund! Plus you get your choice of one of my 4 awesome PDF templates for FREE!

Click on the buttons below to order. After placing your order, please email me with your choice of card type from the following list: Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You, or Nona's choice. Anyone that does not email me with thier card choice will be given a card of my choosing. :)

Order a card and receive the "Hello Birdie" PDF Template FREE (top left photo): Add to Cart

Order a card and receive the "Flowers without Showers" PDF Template FREE (top right photo):Add to Cart

Order a card and receive the "Smitten with you Baby" PDF Template FREE (bottom left photo):Add to Cart

Order a card and receive the "Bold and Beautiful Board Banners" PDF Template FREE (bottom right photo):Add to Cart

NOTE: The sale went so well that I'm continuing it! Thanks to everyone who has participated so far - your cards have all been mailed.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me via email -

Want to see more great templates (free with purchase)? Visit Vicki's blog!!!


Jeanne said...

Lots of great artwork, Nona! Good luck with your sale! I hope you raise oodles of $ towards your fund!

Danderella said...

Nona, I'm so glad that you and Vicki found a way around the Template rule! You do such great work. Congrats from another CTMH'er.

Laurie said...

I just ordered two of your cards/templates and am THRILLED at the professional quality of the directions and photos! Can't wait to make my projects!!! Is there a way to add another 'button' to add an extra donation to your Adoption Fund???? Thanks so much Nona!

nonapearl said...

You are too sweet Laurie! :) I'm glad you are pleased and I hope you enjoy your projects and cards!

I don't have a donate button, but if you really want to help out my paypal address is :) I'm looking into a donate button for my blog.

Thanks to everyone for the support!


Anonymous said...

Nona, Somehow I missed your sale!!! Will you still sell any artwork even though you already have your precious Ruby? I LOVE your work! I've been wanting to send you a baby gift. You are so blessed to have two sweet angels now and you deserve it. Let me know! You are a brilliant crafter, and no doubt a brilliant mother. Beth @