Saturday, October 31, 2009

Catching Up...

So apparently, I've not been blogging about what's going on in my life.  :)  Hopefully you all aren't TOO confused.

The facts are these: (side note - did anyone else *love* Pushing Daisies as much as me?  I so miss that show)
1. Dave has now finished school (YAY).
2. We have Ruby now (Double YAY).
3. My business is growing.
4. Our house is shrinking.
5. The market for buying a home is FANTASTIC - assuming, that is, that you can sell your house.

Long ago, Dave and I discussed that once he finished school and we had our baby, that we would like to upgrade to a bigger house.  Those things came to pass this summer, and we started browsing real-estate sites on the web.  While doing that, we found that we could double our square footage for very little money.  We called some close friends whose mom is a Realtor and dad a mortgage broker, and got the ball rolling two weeks ago.

While it isn't the best time to sell, our house has good equity and unlike almost every other house for sale right now, it isn't bank owned or a short sale - meaning we could potentially close in 30 days versus several months.  Also, the first home buyer tax credit has possibly been extended a few more months, so someone looking for a house this size could take advantage of that by buying our place.  :)

Last week we found a home that would be *perfect* for our family.  It's over 2700 sq ft, has 4 bedrooms, beautiful kitchen, AND a 550 sq ft bonus room (with a separate entrance, bathroom, and counter with sink) that would be just the thing for my classes.  Best of all - it's only 3 minutes away from our current home!  We placed an offer on it (with the contingency that our house sells) on Tuesday.  So now we just need to get lender approval (it was a short sale), and we need to sell our house.

Just like any other situation we've gone through, Dave and I are prayerful that things work out.  We know God has good plans for us!  So we figure that if this new house is where He wants us, our house will sell.  If he has other plans, then we are just going to wait (as patiently as we can) for Him to show us.

:)  So now you're all caught up!


Lora said...

I was dying to hear the details. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure your house will sell quickly--the starter-type houses still seem to be moving. {In my area, anyway.}

Sharli said...

Yippee!! I'm glad to know - I didn't even realize that Dave finished school - and that's a really BIG cause for celebration! Naturally, I knew about RUBY!!!!! :-)

I'm praying that things will work in your favor!

Tammee said...

Nona, good luck with selling the house! And also congrats on your adorable Ruby since I can't remember if I posted that before. I would love to see a blog post about how int he world you manage your time.... I see your tally on your blog and see all you do with CTMH and I wonder how on earth you find the time. As a fellow consultant who is currently in a mostly "hobbiest" stage but is considering working the business again, I am inspired and somewhat baffled by how much you get done.

Tammee D.

Jeanne said...

Ahhhh....makes perfect sense now! Best of luck to you in this endeavor. As you say, if it's meant to be at this time, things will fall into place. That bonus room sounds awesome!

I agree with Tammee, you get an extraordinary amount of stuff done and I, too, would love a peek into how you accomplish so much, so well!


Blythe said...

A fellow Pushing Daisies Fan! I loved that show and am missing it too.

Good luck on selling your house. I hope it goes well.