Friday, October 23, 2009

Lotus Moebius Hat

I finished this hat for a friend this week.  Yarn is Cascade 220 (love it!) and is the same yarn I used to make Ruby's Heart Blanket.  It is the lotus blossom hat from Cat Bordhi's book "A Treasury Of Magical Knitting".  This is also the book where I learned the moebius cast-on.  Just a fabulous knitting book all around.  :)

Please excuse my goofy faces.  :)  I was in a silly mood when I took these pics.


Haley D. said...

Very pretty hat! Your latest layouts are great too!

The Peterson Family said...

Kinda wish it got cold enough in Hawaii to need one of these! Don't miss the snow enough to move away though. You're a woman of many talents.

Jeanne said...

I've tried my hand at making this hat a couple of times and had a hard time for some reason. I absolutely love the look of it and the color you chose. It makes me want to try again (sigh). Wish I had your speed in getting projects done!

You are an inspiration!