Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ruby Finds Her Fingers

We gave up on the binkie when Ruby was about 3 weeks old.  She just couldn't keep it in her mouth, and we were exhausted doing the binkie dance all night.  She really didn't seem to miss it much, and we all slept better.

But every now and then Ruby really wanted something soothing to suck on.  She would gladly suck on her own fingers if we put them up to her mouth, and so it was a great day when she accomplished that feat all by herself!  I created this layout to celebrate that milestone.  :)  I used the same Blossom Kit from Shabby Princess as yesterday's post.  I also used a different Katie Pertiet grouping of photo frames.


Jeanne said...

Lovely! I SO hear you on being relieved when babies who don't like binkies find their fingers. I had two of them! I would put the binkie in, just to giggle when they popped them out. They got some pretty good arc!

Ruby is adorable!

Sharli said...

How adorable! My DD loved the binkie, so I'm always surprised to know that not all babies do. Still - self comforting is a valuable skill - great to know Ruby is on the right track here!

Oh, great layout, too! I was distracted with the precious moment!

Kathi Carlson said...

Beautiful layout that captures a fun milestone. Ruby is a sweetheart.