Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hats, hats, hats

I'm busting out the hats like it's going out of style.  With only 7 more days to my first (and largest) craft fair, I've been paper scrapping items by day and knitting by night.  My goal this week has been a hat a night - and thus far I've been able to do that.  These are the hats I knit yesterday and Tuesday.  Aren't my girls adorable!?!  :)

This is Sammie modeling a kid sized stocking cap in a soft and cozy boucle yarn.  I used two strands for knitting this one - a soft creamy white and a color very close to CTMH's twilight.  It's very "winter-esque" and will make a great hat for a boy or girl.

This next hat is so silly.  I just love it!  If Ruby didn't DESPISE hats, I would totally keep it for her.  But alas... I was only able to take a few pictures of her wearing it before she got crabby, so I'm glad I did get a cute shot.  This is made with Debbie Bliss cashmerino wool and OMGosh it is so incredibly soft.  I think I want one in my size (minus the pompoms).

(this photo shows off the hat best, but the next photo shows off my sweetie's smile best.
Notice also the gratuitous "i <3 mommy bib". lol...)


Karen said...

GREAT hats! They are both cute but I have to say that the 'jester' hat you made Ruby is to die for. The style and the colors are so fun and sassy!

Cindy Vernon said...

I just love these hats. Will you be selling them online too?

Sharli said...

These are just wonderful - like all of your work! Sammie is such a beautiful model - and she seems to be adapting to her role!

Ruby - well, what can we say about her?! She makes me smile from ear to ear she is so happy and cute! I guess I wouldn't say that maybe if I was there for the "i'm tired of this hat" moment! LOL
Best wishes for the craft fair!

Jeanne said...

Do you have photos of your beautiful girls modeling the hats at your craft fair? Because they are so adorable they would sell even faster, I'll bet!

Thanks so much for sharing and best of success to you at the craft fair. I can't wait to hear how well you do!

nonapearl said...

Thanks Ladies!

Cindy, I'll likely put my left over craft items up on or sell here on my blog.

Donna said...

Cutest little hat models ever!!!