Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Socks

As promised, here are a some pictures of the socks I knitted for my family at Christmas.  All but Rick and Dave's socks came from this book, which I HIGHLY recommend.  It's fabulous!

I knit a pair for my mom using Cherry Tree Hill's Super Sock Semi-Solids in "Loden".  This yarn is *so* incredibly soft, and you get over 400 yds per skein!  I might have enough left to make a pair of mittens, or at the very least 2 pairs of baby socks!

I knit a pair for my step-dad Rick.  His are a simple K3,P1 rib and I just made up the pattern on the fly.  Once you get sock construction down, this is much simpler than it sounds.  Rick is a pretty simple guy - he doesn't like flashy things.  So these socks fit his personality to a T.  His are also made with the Cherry Tree Hill yarn in the "Mauve" colorway:

Here are the socks I made for my mother-in-law, Marie.  I used Indigo Moon yarn.  This yarn was imported from Canada, and is only sold in one store in the US (Twisted) but you can order it by phone from them, or directly from Indigo Moon's website.  I have links to both sites on the left.

Here are the socks I knit for Tim, Dave's dad.  They are also in Indigo Moon Yarn.  It's hard to tell in the photo, but this is the Tsunami pattern from the book listed above.  It has a diamond pattern all the way down the leg and foot, and cables between the diamonds just on the leg.  That is why in the photo the leg looks a bit "scrunchy".  I didn't block them, because once you put the sock on everything is nice and neat like it's supposed to be.  :)

Here are Dave's sister, Meagan's socks.  These are also in Indigo Moon yarn, and also from a pattern in the book above.  She loves blue, and i thought this pattern would be perfect for her - it's a little lacy, but still simple and can go with anything.

I didn't get photos of the socks being worn by Dave's mom, dad, or sister because they didn't try them on for me.  I think they know I get "camera happy" and probably didn't want to model.  They did say they loved the socks, so if they send me pictures I'll post here.  :)

Finally, here are Dave's socks - or should I say "sock".  I only had time to finish one before Christmas (and that was because I stayed up until close to 3 in the morning!).  Poor Dave.  He did get the second one by New Year's though - so don't feel too badly for him.  His socks are from a pattern I found on Ravelry.  They are called "Guitar Socks" (because the author of the pattern finished them for her husband the same day his new guitar arrived) and they have a unique argyle/diamond pattern to them.  I wish I had a picture of them up close, but alas, Dave won't take them off!  He keeps asking when he gets a second pair.  (And I keep answering, "as soon as I finish knitting a pair for ME!").  These are also in Indigo Moon yarn - the same color as his Dad's.


Jeanne said...

You are truly amazing (and an obviously FAST sock knitter)! Here I was thrilled to finally get Steve's one pair of socks done, well after Christmas and you got several pair done! I'm SO impressed! Those patterns are to die for as is the yarn you chose.

How DO you get them done so quickly (and so perfectly?). I wish I lived near you so I could learn from you first hand!

nonapearl said...

Oh Jeanne,
You're making me blush!

Around Christmas time I was knitting about 6 hours a day. It was a real struggle to try and get the socks done. I'm fast, but I'm still human.

I took a week long break from knitting after Christmas (partly from burnout, and partly from physical pain) but I'm back at it now.

I wish you lived closer too!!!

Sharli said...

AWESOME! I love your socks, and I LOVE that photo of Dave with his "sock"! He's such a good sport - what a keeper!!!!! I honestly have this huge grin on my face. You do that to me all the time!! Thanks!!!