Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brag on my hubby...

I haven't really blogged much about Dave lately, but oooohhhhh man, does he deserve high praise.

Ever since he graduated last August, Dave has become as enamored with cooking as I am with knitting - maybe even more so (and that is saying A LOT).  He has been reading cookbooks and commentaries by famous chefs, watching youtube tutorials, and even ordered a set of cooking dvds.  He has experimented, and taken over the kitchen to the point that everything in there is "his" now.  I love it!

I think the best part of Dave's new hobby is that I don't have to cook any more.  It was a chore for me, but it is a JOY for him.  Can I just say I'm smitten with my husband all over again?

Here are a few photos of the meals he has created for our family lately:

This was a Spinach salad topped with brown sugar-baked bacon, sauted baby pb mushrooms, sliced and crumbled quail eggs and a honey mustard vinegarette.  It was paired with flank steak, potatoes, and asparagus.

This was a Thai Coconut Chicken Curry with kale served over brown rice.

Shirred Egg on toast with chives - a favorite for breakfast dinners

This one was from a meal when Dave was cooking his way through Rick Bayless' book.  WOW - so yummy but I think I gained about 5 pounds from eating so much homemade guacamole...

It was - Roasted poblano guacamole with garlic and parsley (served with blue corn chips)
- Grilled steak tacos with roasted poblanos and grilled onions
- Mexican rice (cooked properly...soaked, drained, fried, and simmered with sauted onion and garlic)


Amy said...

wow...I like to cook but lucky you!!! Yummmy.

Sharli said...

I read your post earlier today at work and couldn't wait to get home to post my comment!! Wow, I'm so impressed and a bit jealous! GO Dave!!!

Roberta Dermody said...

Please...send him my way! Lucky, lucky, you!

Jeanne said...

You are, indeed, a lucky, lucky woman! Yum!

Scrappy Mel said...

I too have been blessed with a husband who loves to cook. Lucky us! I would much rather be crafting than cooking!