Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun and Busy Weekend

It was a fun and very busy weekend, leading up to a fun and busy week!  I already feel like I got hit by a bus - but it was (and will be) worth it!

Saturday was my first farmers market!  I shared a booth with my awesome friend Wendi.  She sells the most beautiful jewelry and hand sewn felt flowers - here is her etsy store if you'd like to check out her products!  I sold paper crafts and cards, and lots of knitting!  We had a blast and did pretty well.  I'm excited to go back throughout the summer!

We got so many compliments from customers about our booth set up and the items we were selling.  They loved how colorful and fun our displays are.  One lady even said it was her favorite booth in the whole market!!!  Wendi and I have decided to keep our products together even on market days where one of us can't make it.  So next weekend, I'll be selling at the market, even though I'll be on the East Coast at the CTMH Convention!


Sharli said...

It looks FABULOUS!! For the first time, I'm glad I don't live near you! My poor pocketbook would be in dire trouble!!!! LOL


Lori said...

What a cute booth. Love those little cupcake hats.

Lela said...

Beautiful stuff. How nice it is to have friends like your friend Wendi. Best of luck with the booth.


Rachel Witthaus said...

What an awesome setup! I love the vintage shop fittings - especially the rake :) Really pretty - and I too would have had trouble walking past...

Crafty Jenn said...

Congrats on a successful first farmer's market! The booth looks awesome! I'm glad you get to share (and sell) your creative wares.

<3 Jenn