Monday, August 23, 2010

10 Year Reunion

It was yet another busy weekend - but very fun.  I did the Edmonds Market Saturday morning, and then that evening was my 10 year high school reunion.  It seems SO strange to be 10 years removed from high school.  There are days when I feel much younger than that, and then of course days when I feel ever so much OLDER.

My graduating class was 109, and many of us had gone to the same school from Kindergarten (or at least elementary school) on, so it was almost like reuniting with long lost family.

The event Saturday night was held at the Tasting Room - near Pike Place Market.  Here are a few of the photos from that evening...

(ps... thank you Lie Shia for posting pics on facebook!  :)  I forgot to bring my camera)

Dave and I

Two of my best girl-friends from high school - Sara (middle) and Nicole (right) with Nicole's adorable hubby Shane

Another of my best gal pals - Heather (or as I liked to call her, Hodo) and her cutie-pie hubby Morgan:

This is Heidi (and her hubby Jesus) and her twin sister Heather (and hubby Aaron).  Not only were we close in school, but we have stayed close for the past 10 years!!!  Dave and I love spending time with them - and our kids get along great too!  :) 

On Sunday the reunion continued in the afternoon with a tour of the high school campus, and then a BBQ at the beach.  Once again I left my camera at home, so thanks again to Lie Shia for posting pics on facebook.

King's High School

The renovated senior lounge

Lie Shia in the old Quill Room (school newspaper).  This is the room where Dave and I met, and later flirted before class.  He was the editor of the Quill and I took a Bible class right next door.  Ahhh, memories!

Out at the beach....

Nick and his beautiful family.

Lisa and her darling daughter Elsa:

Gal pals: Erin, Katie, Kimi, and me

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