Thursday, September 16, 2010

Montmartre Up on Knit Picks

I have another new knitting pattern up on Knit Picks!  This is my favorite glove pattern to knit - and one of my best sellers at the market.  You can check it out (and order the pattern) HERE.

Thanks to my best friend Wendi for being such an awesome model!  :)


Sheila Bennett said...

I just love the look of these gloves! When I get up the nerve to try double-points, then I'm going to have to get this pattern from you. :)

Bevy Boo Boo said...

Love those gloves - & the color is vibrant!

Sharli said...

Absolutely stunning - I'm so proud of you! When I show the new catalog, I point out your family and say "there's my friend Nona! - She's absolutely amazing!" Your knitting is beyond belief!


Crafty Jenn said...

Way to go Nona! You're on fire with all your knitting! These gloves look super fun, and your photographs are perfect.

"You're so famous"! ;)

<3 Jenn