Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My little Ru is famous again.  :)  Check out page 16 of the newest Knit Picks catalog! 

Two more of my patterns are being released by Knit Picks in the coming days/weeks.  I think one of them may even be released tomorrow.  I'll try to post an update.

This weekend is my first of 5 craft fairs (in the next 6 weeks).  If I'm MIA for a bit, that's why.  I've been knitting until 2:30 every night (morning?) for the last two weeks trying to get ready, so that doesn't leave much time for blogging.  

If you are a Seattle local, come and check out my booth at the Urban Market and Christmas Craft show, in Lynnwood at Silver Creek Family Church.  Saturday, Nov 6th from 10 - 4.


Jeanne said...

I received my catalog in the mail yesterday and noticed Miss Ruby right away. Made me smile! Congrats!! And good luck with all the work involved in pulling craft fairs together. I'm sure you will see much success for your efforts. But, I for one, could never knit until the wee hours. When my eyes are tired, they start closing mid-stitch. Must be getting old! LOL

Leslie said...

I saw your little sweetie in the catalog and thought of you. Far too cute.