Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Pillow Project

At Samantha's school all the parents take turns planning the class parties.  I was lucky enough to get Valentine's day and I'm really excited because my brain is just swimming with ideas!

I spent some time browsing for ideas on the Oriental Trading Company website, and found the cutest no sew fleece pillows.  They are much like the no sew blankets, and I thought the Kindergarteners would love them (especially with the popularity of pillow pets).  Only thing is the OTC ones got bad reviews for cheap (and missing) materials.  So I thought I'd make up my own kits!

I went to Joann's and picked up 12"x12" pillows (50% off this week!).  I priced the bolts of fleece, but discovered that I could get 9 pillows from one 72"x60" no sew blanket kit (also 50% off this week), so went that route instead.

Last night I cut out the girls' pillow kits (the boys are getting the same polka dots but in blues and greens).  The pictures are from my cell phone so pretty crummy, but enough to get the idea across.  :)

First I laid out the print and solid fleece on the floor, one on top of the other.  It's best to cut both pieces at the same time.  I measured out 20"x20" squares and cut them out.  
The polka dot design made it easy to cut straight.

Once I had the 20"x20" pieces (one pattern, one solid), I cut 4"x4" squares out of the corners.

Then I cut 1.5"x4" strips along each edge.  Although you can't see the dark pink fleece below I continued cutting both pieces at the same time.  Make sure you use nice fabric scissors!

Finally, with the polka dot side up, I tied a patterned strip and its corresponding solid strip together in a square knot (right over left, left over right) on EVERY OTHER strip, on 3 sides of the pillow.  Then I flipped it over so the pink side was facing up, and tied the remaining strips on the 3 pillow sides.
I slipped the pillow inside, then tied the strips on the last side (1/2 with polka dot side up, 1/2 with the pink side up).  Tying them this way helps the knots to look even.  Finally, I gave the knots a quick fluff!

From start to finish (including cutting the fabric for 1 pillow) the whole project took me 10 minutes.  The project ended up being just over $5 per kid (and I covered the cost for the class).  I get so tired of the class projects that go immediately in the garbage, so even though it might be a little bit more money, at least these will be projects the kids (and parents) will enjoy having around for a while.

And look who immediately fell in love!  

I don't know if I'll be getting this one back.  :)


Amy said...

Ok I almost commented yesterday on those adorable leg warmers. So so cute. Ok we are talking pillow now. This pillow is so fun and cute. The kids are going to love you. The parents are going to both love you uh and maybe be a tad jealous they didn't think of something so cleaver that doesn't end up in the trash in a week.

Also I think you are right. Ruby is not giving that pillow up so you might need to make a new sample for the kids. :)

Karen Pedersen said...

SOOOOOOO cute. What a great idea. The kids are going to LOVE it!

Kendra said...

Cute idea Nona! Ruby is getting so big and too cute! Looking forward to seeing you at CU!

KCina said...

wonderful!!! :)

AaronB said...

I just wanted to say that Ruby has become the cutest little thing ever! I think Sam must be hitting a growth spurt, she looks so tall!!

We did those blankets for a school fund raiser a few years ago. I think I made 200 blankets and I swore to never touch fleece again, but the pillow is so cute I may have to recant!

roxybonds said...

What a great class project! I'll have to keep this in mind when my turn comes :)

Sharli said...

Hi Nona,

What a great project you've designed - I agree that this will be a keeper!

I, too, needed to comment about how much Ruby has changed! She looks awesome! She is getting so BIG!