Monday, February 7, 2011

What's On My Needles

I had the most relaxing weekend - and it was wonderful.  And with the craziness of this week and next, I'll take it!

The first event of the weekend, besides sleeping in Saturday since grandma and grandpa had the girls (bless you two!) was updating the look of my blog.  I hope you are enjoying it.  I need to make a few more changes, but those will likely not be as noticeable.

Here's a bit of catch up on what was on my needles last week, Saturday and Sunday.

On Wednesday I finished those orange gloves for Jennifer:


Totally inspired (and a little smitten) with the orange yarn, I whipped up a pair of Montmartre Gloves with the second half of the ball on Saturday.  The scale once again saved the day, as I had less than 1 yard left of yarn when they were complete, but I knew with 100% confidence that it would work out.  Don't believe me?  You should read this post.
(i love that first picture with ruby's little paw reaching for the glove)

On Thursday I finished another pair of Lily Gloves - this time in black yarn with red beads.  They are delicious.  (You might notice that the cuffs are a little different on these than in the pattern.  I changed them so they are more fitted.  If you have purchased the Lily pattern and would like the updated notes for the changed cuff, post a comment with your email address and I will send it to you.)

Speaking of the Lily pattern, this little number that I started on Sunday is the prototype for my latest pattern.  Besides this sneak peek, mums the word.

I've got more knitting to share, along with some big surprises that will get doled out as the week progresses.  Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit for now!  Off I go back to the couch and my beloved needles.

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Anonymous said...

Nice, babe! You rock!

I love how Ruby's cute fingers crept in to that picture. She just wants some gloves of her own, you know... ;-)