Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sewing 101

First, let me thank you so much for your prayers!  This week is much better than last week.

The market is in full swing now, so I'm spending the majority of my time knitting.  However, my trusty ol' sewing maching that I blogged about here, was becoming much too finicky, and my list of sewing projects kept getting longer and longer.  The solution?  A new sewing machine!  Woohoo!

So over the last week I've really been enjoying my new machine.  The only problem is that what I know about sewing (especially sewing from a pattern) could fit in one paragraph, on one page, of a ginormous book.  So off to YouTube I went, in search of some good Sewing 101 classes.

I happened upon Georgia Leigh's Puking Pastilles channel/etsy shop, and instantly fell in love with her videos and patterns.  She assumes you know nothing (which I do), and starts at the VERY beginning (which I needed), then walks you through making her adorable Ankle Biters Toddler pants pattern, step by step.

So of course I had to buy the pattern.  Ruby's birthday is next week, and I thought it would be a perfect little gift for her!  So I printed the PDF pattern, ironed my fabric, and got to work!

Voila!  In less than 2 hours I had the cutest little pair of pants all done!  And Ruby loves them.  I couldn't wait for her birthday to try them on her, so she wore them today.  It was such a fun experience - so later this week I'm moving on to Georgia Leigh's Graduated Baby Block Pattern. :)  You can find all of her patterns here in her brand new Etsy shop!



Brittany @ The Pistachio Project said...

Great pants Nona! Baby Blocks are pretty easy to make too! Hope you go on a sewing spree so I can see all that you do and be more inspired to lug out my sewing machine.

Jessica said...

I like it! I am taking a sewing class soon and am super excited to learn more then how to just sew in a straight line. I'll have to check out these patterns, too. Fun!

Sharli said...

OMGSH Nona, look at Ruby in those pants! She looks so grown up!!! Not a baby any longer.

What a fun post - I'm happy for your discovery and can see that others are too! Hugs!

Scrappy Mel said...

Wow! Look at how big Ruby has gotten! Time sure has flown by. Those pants are adorable. Great Job!