Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sewing Project #2 - Baby Blocks

I've been dying to try out another of the patterns from Georgia Leigh's Puking Pastilles etsy shop.  My cousin Jill is having a baby shower in the coming weeks, so I thought the graduated baby blocks would be perfect!

I admit, the fusible interfacing step frightened me, and sewing the corners absolutely TERRIFIED me, but I gave it a good ol' college try.  There was no need for fear...these guys are easy, and SO FUN!

Fusing was cake...

I used a quilting ruler to make sure my edges were nice and straight - and I enlarged the blocks just a smidge. I took this photo after adding the interfacing 

One corner/set of 3 blocks done.  I had to redo the second set, because I messed up the "mirror image" part - even after double checking twice.  Thank you seam ripper!  You are my friend.

 And, voila!  A finished, soft, jingly, baby block!  (Per Georgia's advice, I added a kitty bell toy to the center, so it makes a nice little sound.  Gotta cater to all the senses we can, right?!)  
Now I just have to make the medium and small sized blocks.  No problemo!


Sharli said...

Nona, this is so sweet! It reminds me of some blocks my DD had as a baby - they were favorite toys!
Nice work!


Scrappy Mel said...

These are sweet. I had some but of course back then, my were made of some kinda cordouroy material.LOL.