Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September's Template - Typeset

Well, my September Template has finally made it's (delayed) arrival!  Thank you all so much for your patience.

September was a very busy month for me - my oldest went back to school, I was knitting and sewing for the market during the week, then working at the market every Saturday, I published 2 new knitting patterns, and I cut into my "work time" by about 4 hours every night.  (Pregnancy makes me VERY tired.)

But, now I'm back and I have a FANASTIC template to share with you all.  :)  It's one that I'm most proud of, and I hope that you all enjoy.  If you are frugal, or enjoy teaching to groups, you will love this template too.  The cutting is simple and fast, and there is very little waste with the paper you cut, but LOTS of leftovers!  In fact, just by supplementing a few sheets of cardstock, you can make BOTH projects (cards and mini album with box) TWICE with one paper packet!

Check it out!

And here's some close ups of the details:

With this template you can make:
An accordion fold "Year in Review" mini album with matching box
8 cards (2 each in 4 designs)

This template can be purchased for only $5 by clicking here -->  Add to Cart

NOTE: Templates and Licenses are sold separately!

A limited teacher's license can by purchased for only $10 by clicking on the Typeset name,
(or other desired license name) and then clicking "add to cart"

Kit Template:

To read about Teacher's Licences and what they allow,
click on the "Nona's Papercraft Templates" tab above.  It is all outlined there.

You can also see all of my other available templates on that page as well.

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