Sunday, December 4, 2011


I'm working a big show this whole weekend, so not much time to blog, but I HAD to share this...

My favorite Knitting Blogger - the Yarn Harlot (aka Stephanie McPhee) has been posting a shopping guide for knitters geared toward the Non-Knitters in their lives.

Day 1 is HILARIOUS and can be read HERE.

And also, her suggestions for gifts are dead on.  So far this one is my favorite: (Click photo to go to the etsy site)
Pin Back Buttons Badges Knitting Humor- Knitting Flair 1 of 2 - Pack of 9

Oh... and these are some mittens she knitted for her daughter recently that I absolutely love, and find pretty stinkin' cute...
Normal cute mittens - right?

Wrong!  Instant antlers!!!

Find the pattern HERE

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