Monday, August 13, 2012

Car Seat Quilts

My most favorite gift when we were expecting our baby was a handmade baby quilt.  You can see Hosea wrapped up in it in the photo below...

The fabrics are very "boy" and the minky fabric on the back is super soft.  It is lightweight, so can be used year round.  It is small, but the absolute perfect size for tucking around baby in his car seat, swaddling him up for a nap, or on the floor for tummy time.  I'm sure it will also become a "lovie" as Hosea gets older and wants a blanky for snuggle time.

Because I loved it so much, I wanted to make them to share with the world!  I created a pattern from our quilt, and started sewing them up.  These quilts are truly fun and addictive to make, which is good, because they have been crazy popular with my customers!

I finally got a moment to put a few up in my Etsy shop.  If you don't see colors that you like, keep checking back because I have several more to post. Just don't wait too long or they will be gone!  Additionally, you can always message me with requests for a totally custom quilt.

Here are the quilts I've got up in my shop.

Sock Monkey Car Seat Quilt - 28" x 28"

Car Seat Quilt - 28" x 28" - Cherry Blossom Pink

Car Seat Quilt - 28" x 28" - Nautical Blue and Grey

Car Seat Quilt - 28" x 28" - Pink and Yellow Floral

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