Saturday, February 23, 2008

Frozen Ballerina

I was very busy all day and had no time to make anything cute to post... so here's a few fun pictures from our trip to the little park by our house. Even though it was only about 55 degrees, Sammie was intent on wearing her ballerina leotard. We made her wear boots and a jacket (and that was a stretch for her). We froze our fannies off. She insisted she was fine. That's a kid for you - the colder it gets the less clothing they want to wear.

Just a quick reminder too - tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day to participate in my "Splash of Color" challenge! Read below for more info! Dave will be picking a winner for me (I'll try to show him the samples as anonymously as possible.) I'm almost finished with the prize, and will post that Monday with the reveal of the lucky (and talented) recipient! =)


Christine David said...

Wow! Super duper cute pictures!!

Jenn said...

Ahhh... I remember those days....Taylor used to wear her huge disney princess gown out to the grocery store with us when she was about this age :0)

Your little ballerina looks too cute! And I LOVE the boots! ;0)