Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo Friday Challenge - GREEN

Jenn is hosting a weekly photograph challenge, and today's theme is GREEN!

I love this picture. I love my daughter's green froggy boots - that SHE picked out. I love her hair in the french braid (first time we did that). This moment was one of the RARE happy moments of the day.

It was taken last October, when Dave, Sam and I went to Country Village in Bothell. They were having a pumpkin festival (but strangely the pumpkins didn't make an appearence until 3 hours after it started). We played on the kiddie toys, Sammie had a meltdown, we rode the train, Sam had a meltdown, she jumped in the jumpy house, had a meltdown, we ate lunch, she had a meltdown, then she (finally) was able to pick out her pumpkin...

...and we discovered they wanted $20 for them.

... So we had to leave.

... and guess what happened?!? Yep, another meltdown.

Sam usually does incredibly well when we are out and about. In fact, this was the worst she has EVER behaved in public. So we went home. Then later that day when she had a nap and we were all feeling happier, she got to pick out a pumpkin from the grocery store.

Next time we're going to save ourselves the aggrevation, headache, and $$ and and just go back to Carleton Farms (like we did the other 2 years Sam has been in our lives).

How's that Jenn? A picture AND a story!

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