Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hairs to you

Erin Grotegut is having a blog contest.... crazy hair. And, since I don't have any pictures of my latest NINE layouts I finished last night, this will be the post for the night.

1. (Show a picture of your wildest hair style). I've had lots of "wild" hair in my life, but this was the most recent. In October I was feeling bored and uninspired with my hair, and decided to try blonde (again). My husband first became romantically interested in me when I went blonde in high school, and the rest was history. I thought he'd enjoy the change, and I was ready for something different. The first attempt was, well... orange. Two attempts later it was still pretty yellow and I had a sore head. Dave and I reached the consensus that it wasn't the professional image I was going for, and the style was much cuter on 16 year old me than 25 year old me. I was back to a redish brown within 2 days.

2. (Greatest Hair Adventure) Flashback to Junior year in high school, and the cute, 16 year-old blonde me referenced above. Over Easter break I had gone to a fabulous shade of chocolate cherry brown - my hair changed monthly in those days. Then, after finding a prom dress that definitely went better with the blonde decided to change back. The day before the dance I bleached my hair and because of all the previous color changes, ended up with school bus orange results. The morning of prom, I bleached it several more times and though my roots were platinum, the ends never went lighter than canary yellow. After lots of tears and a meltdown, Dave shaved my head. Yep - shaved it, all gone, no hair... ON MY PROM DAY! Okay - I wasn't bald, but we're talking #2 razor, 1/2" platinum blonde fuzz. And for emotional support he shaved his bleached head too. We looked like a couple of q-tips - our friends reminded us of this all night. Ahhh... memories. Through all of this my mom's most memorable comment was, "Well honey, at least you have a nicely shaped head." I do have to say it was an extremely liberating experience. I felt quite feminine during that time, and it would be something I'd consider doing again.

3. (Guess Erin's new hair color). Well, since this blog's been all about the blonde, I'm going to go with that as your new color. =) Hope you pick me as the winner!

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The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...


I LOVE the Hair and the story!!! I'd looove to see pics of you two baldies at Prom! What a fun lo that would make! :)

Thanks for playing, Nona!

I'm going to post a winner this afternoon!