Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Planning Ahead

My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 9 am, and I won't be returning until Sunday afternoon. Since I seem to have a faithful readership going, and don't want anyone to lose interest while I'm away, I'm attempting to "pre-blog". This is actually more difficult than it sounds - so be sure to come back on Monday even if the next few days of entries stink. "Live" me will be back in action then.

I'm big on planning ahead. This is not to say that I don't procrastinate, because I do, but I like to feel that I'm living in controlled chaos. Dave will attest to the fact that the phrase, "So, what's our plan for today" crosses my lips a good 20 times a day. All this rambling does lead to a point... I'm planning ahead for my flight.

According the TSA website I can bring my knitting needles as a carryon item, but not my shampoo bottle (since it's more than 3 ounces). Does this seem a little ridiculous to anyone else? I can only magine the kind of damage someone could do with a knitting needle (considering what Jason Bourne could do with a rolled up magazine). Thankfully I don't see any reason for a terrorist to be on a 45 minute flight to Spokane - so I guess there is nothing to fear, except running out of pink yarn.
Hmm...I'm rambling. Guess I'll shut up and post some art.

This is my workshop for March 29th - it's an Easter themed Scrapbook in a Box. Those that don't want it to say Easter can stamp "Spring" instead. Pop me an email if you'd like to attend.

A closed SBIAB

Take off the lid and you have 16 flaps for photos! (I still need to add mine.)

Supplies (all CTMH): Paper Garden Level 1 sheet, Petal, Buttercup, Sweet Leaf and Colonial White CS with matching inks, March SOTM Simple Beauty, March Word Puzzle stamps, April Word Puzzle stamps, Playful Caps and Lowercase Alphabet stamps, Tiny Typewriter Alphabet stamps,

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