Saturday, March 15, 2008

Crying over Spilled Milk

I feel like my blog has been a bit neglected of late. My goal was to post artwork every day... but that means I have to be creating something everday. After teaching 3 classes last week, I was just too worn out. But, there will be more artwork coming soon - I PROMISE! In fact, be sure to check back tomorrow for my first ever Video Card Tutorial! You're gonna love it.

Meanwhile - back at the ranch - we found an icky, gross, disgusting interesting little surprise in Sam's bed last night. Apparently she had taken a sippy cup of milk into her room sometime during the day and left it on her bed. While she was playing it managed to not only find its way under her covers, but it also got sat/jumped/danced on so that it burst open happened to start leaking. There was no way her foam mattress would ever survive this, so we went shopping for a new one today. We figured getting her a real mattress would also save us thousands of dollars in chiropractic bills in the future anyway.

Sam was so excited to get her new bed! I was hoping it would mean a nap today... it didn't (sigh). She's outgrown them. (double sigh). I still make her do a quiet time, but it just isn't the same. ;)

We now have a new rule: no food or drinks anywhere except the kitchen and dining room. We don't want to find any more surprises.

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