Friday, March 28, 2008

The Shove

Every Thursday evening I have a standing "Girls Scrap Night" with two of my best friends. Since there are 3 tables in my basement scraproom (also lovingly referred to as the "cave"), we each get our own space to work at.

I really try my hardest to have everything neatly put away before they arrive, but occassionally I have to use the "Shove" method. This happens when I've been especially creative the previous days, but not incredibly tidy. About 5 minutes before they arrive, I quickly shove everything from the other 2 tables onto my table. Then as they are busy crafting, I spend the rest of the night putting my junk away. =) Not an efficient use of my time... I know.

I was explaining this Christine last night, but she didn't believe me - AND she double dog dared me to take a picture. So I told her I'd do her one better and not just take pictures, but post them here. It wasn't a particularly BAD shove night last night. I was able to get everything cleaned up in just 20 minutes. So, you'll have to just imagine the stacks about 70% taller, and you'll get the idea of what it typically looks like.

2 nice clean tables for my friends:

My Table:
See that tiny patch of brown? That's where I was creating a card the night before! I guess I just thrive in chaos. =)


Christine David said...

I have to say it still isn't as bad as it sounded, lol. Next time I am working, I'll have to take a picture of my messy place. It just amazes me that we can have the biggest table possible and still end up working in a 6" x 6" space.

Paper doll said...

Isnt that amazing how something like that can happen. You clean up your desk so you will have plenty of room and in the end you about a 6 x 6 space if that. I guess we can say thats how amazing works of art are produced!