Thursday, May 1, 2008

April (snow) showers brought late flowers...

We thought we were going to miss out on the tulips in Mt. Vernon - but with the gobs of snow we got this year, the festival was extended a few weeks. YAY for us!
We spent two hours at Tulip Town last night. The fields were smaller than previous years, but still lovely to walk through. We had stopped at Roosengaard first, but all of their tulips had been decapitated and were nothing but fields of green stems. So if you're heading up before Sunday, you might want to head straight to Tulip Town. I really recommend going on a weeknight. We had the entire place to ourselves! It was excellent.

Sammie "sniffed" every single tulip. She declared that yellow ones "were NOT her favorite smell". Apparently they were more pungent than these pretty pink ones that were her favorite... and the purple ones that were her favorite... and the red ones that were her favorite...
There's something about Nona?! - was just really windy! ;)

This is the classic Davenport shot. Over the 7 1/2 years we been married, we've perfected the self portrait pictures. Recently, I've shown Dave that if you hold the camera up high and angle it down, you avoid the double chin look. He doesn't care as much about that sort of thing because he only has 1 chin... sigh.


sharalyns said...

Gorgeous photos!

I like the from above angles too--no more double chin! :-)

Jenn said...

Hey Nona-
These pics are fabulous!!! Such rich colors!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! :D