Monday, May 12, 2008

blowing bubbles

Sammie had her very first swimming lesson today! She was a little nervous before hand, and started out somewhat timid in the water with her teachers. This, however, is a vast improvement on how she acts in the water with me. She didn't cling to them, scream, or throw a fit of any kind (all things she does when I'm in the water with her).
They played a ring-around-the-rosie type game. She told me later it was the "fishy" game. The kid in the middle gets to pick the type of fish they want to be and has to blow bubbles as they swim out of the ring.

Sammie wanted to be a "Disney fish". I think she's been eavesdropping on my conversations with Dave about our trip in July. =)

We've told her a little bit about going to Disneyland, but she still has no idea what all of that entails.

I was so proud of her. By the end of class she was putting her chin and mouth in the water and was blowing bubbles. This is something she would NEVER do for me.
We go again on Wednesday, and I'm hoping they'll get her to put her whole face in the water. It's a process, so I know she'll get there eventually. But if she can do that, it will make bath/shower time so much easier.


sharalyns said...

awww.... so cute! Hey--you're doing better than me. I'm just now putting Xander in lessons this summer since there was no way he would go in the water before....

Stacy said...

Her expression is so cute. She looks timid, but also like she is trying to be brave. So sweet!

Jena said...

What a cutie ;-)