Friday, May 16, 2008

I *love* EZ-mount! For about a year, I've been one of those silly people who adhered my unmounted stamps with doublestick tape. Ugh... so not a good way to go.

With my purchase of bella after bella (and a few fellas) and a ton of other UMs, I decided to it was time to invest EZ-mount. Boy am I a believer!

I purchased this Paris stamp off ebay over a year ago, and am now FINALLY able to use it! It's over 4" tall and 3" wide, and I could never get a good stamp with it -until today! YAY!

So for the next few days, you'll probably get to see several cards made with my long lost UMs.

On another note, it's a good day to stay inside and stamp - we're supposed to hit 90 today. GROSS!!! There's a reason I live in Seattle... I like the rain. sigh....

Supplies: cool paris stamp set i bought off ebay a year ago, CTMH black ink, CTMH black CS, CTMH patterned paper from a retired kit (heart of winter promo), 3d foam.

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bellameabhn said...

this is a gorgeous card! i love it! brings back memories of being 16 and in paris! great job!