Friday, May 30, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

My friend Laurie was over last night scrapbooking with me. Sammie had come downstairs to say goodnight, and got into a "long" conversation with Laurie about her two daugthers Nicole (19) and Chele (18)...

Sammie: Miss Laurie, do your kids share?
Laurie: Yes, they share - but not their clothes, they don't like to share clothes at all.
S: Do they get time outs when they don't share?
L: No, they are too old for timeouts.
S: What happens when they don't share?
L: Oh, well... sometimes I yell at them. Or I tell them to work it out themselves.
S: Hmm.... But time outs really work!

Oh my word... her tone was just priceless. My little 3 year old "helper" giving out parenting advice. It was too much. It did make me feel good that Sammie feels our discipline choice for her are fair, and that they are working! LOL...

Don't forget about the challenge! Yikes! Is today Friday? I'll extend the deadline to tomorrow (Sat) at 2 pm. I've gotten 2 entries so far from Lisa and Stacy. Check 'em out! They are uber cute.

Thanks for playing ladies!!!


Meagan said...

Hahaha ... my mom told me a bit about the time outs. That's fantastic!

Maricar said...

It might be just me, but Stacy's link didn't work for me.

Charla Lang said...

Hi there,

Thought I would post so you have my blog. It was nice to see you. Your blog is great and your artwork is beautiful.